Sunday, December 20, 2009

Daddy and The Beanstalk

Either her fingers are getting longer, or her arms are getting longer or she's just getting taller. Or maybe when I wasn't looking she inserted some stilts in her cupcake feetie pajamas?

We never used to have worry about what was on the edge of the tables or counter tops, but now that the bean is actually a beanstalk, and she walks and wobbles like a drunken hobo, we have to move everything out of her reach. Nickels and cell phones, and paper and her jumbo crayola crayons. If Brooke and I turn our heads for a second, she's got red or yellow or burnt sienna all over her cute little mug.

And nothing gets her giggling more than moving that mouse around, yeah, the one attached to my new mac. She has no idea what she's doing with it. (At least I don't think she does.) But one of her "mission impossibles" for the day is to grab it. Maybe she's just doing it for attention? We'll if it's about getting attention, I suppose it could be worse.
She could be eating the mouse.
If you have any good stories, please share them... leave some comments. Have a great snowy day! - we're gonna bundle the bean up and wander around the sunny slushy city.

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