Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, to be six-days-old again.

She had only been in the world six days and she was already doing her first photoshoot. Our friend, January Stewart, a very gifted photographer, came over to our apartment lugging her lights, reflectors, cameras, and various lenses, for the big day. And she didn't come alone. She brought along the most reliable assistant in the business—her six year old little boy.

After Brooke nursed and burped the Bean, she stripped her down to her Birthday suit and carefully positioned her tiny little body on the soft sheepskin blanket.
We were in awe of her natural beauty. So pure. So new. Her skin was so soft. Her little hands. The baby fat wrists. Her foot was the size of my thumb.

The Bean just laid
there. A zen state. Not a care in the world. And then her big blue eyes closed. God, you should've seen her. She really looked like an angel. Her spirit shined. She glowed.

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