Monday, December 21, 2009

Yo! Yo! Yo! Beanzie Baby Raps!

My name is da Bean. I'm a cute pooping machine. I like a fresh diaper and a little Balmex too. I like a change please, when I stink like poop. I have big blue eyes and a really big smile. I like to eat pickles and broccoli too. I like strawberry ice cream and Winnie the Pooh. I think bears are cute, so what's it to you.

My dad's real cool. Even though he often plays da fool. But I love'm anyway 'cause he takes good care of me. Like when he takes me to coffee shops and he buys me a giant chocolate cookie, to keep me entertained while he's writin' a screenplay.

I like to swing. And I like the slide. If another big kid tries to push me in the playground, I may be a little lady, but I'll punch'm in the eye. Because I'm a city kid and we don't mess around. I'm not scared of muggers. Or Bozo the clown.

I always dress hip. Pandas are my thing. And socks are overrated and constricting if you ask me. Crayons taste good. But I gotta eat'm when my Dad's looking. And they always wonder why I'm not hungry for mom's cooking.

And that's my rap for now. Cause I gots to take da nap. This is Bean from New York City. Yo! Beanzie Rap!

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