Friday, January 29, 2010

Rock-a-bye Brucie

18 months ago, when we brought the Bean home and the little bird with chicken legs was screaming her head off the whole night long, one question kept pounding in my head: "HOW THE HELL DOES ANYBODY HAVE TWO?"As you guys know who have kids—when people say you don't sleep the first few months—you really have absolutely no idea what that's like until your wandering the hallway with a Bean wrapped in a blanket with her eyes wide-white open, screaming and squirming looking like a cartoon frog. But over time it really does get better and tonight after dinner, after the bath, after wandering around my hallway in her feety pajamas, and after a little Dr. Seuss, "Left foot, right foot, feet, feet, feet. How many feet do you meet?" I tucked her in with her blankie, her paci, her stuffed Ozzy, and she went to sleep. It's 2:14 am now, and she's sleeping. She’s really out. She’ll be down til 8ish. Hopefully. Not that there's any talk about another Bean coming into our life, but now I understand how a couple could have two. It's because you forget about all the hell you went through. I'm going to sleep now. But I'll still tip-toe all the way until I make it under the covers. Good night ya’ll. - I'm out.

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