Monday, February 22, 2010

When your crib isn't doing it for you anymore, sniff out other options.

This past weekend, Brooke, the Bean and I, took a train out to visit our friends in Red Bank. We all had a great time. Especially the Bean. Within seconds she bonded with her new buddy, Shea. The Bean hasn't been close to a dog since Ozzy's passing. And she sure made up for it. I don't know who slobbered over who more. There was ear pulling and saliva flying and tummy rubbing and tons and tons of wet tongue kisses but the best was when Bean kept sticking her head into Shea's food bowl sampling his chicken kibble. Bean was a wilder animal then Shea. My terrible toddler was romping around the house chasing after Shea like an adorable madman with cheerios and a milk bottle. But after hours and hours of me and Brooke switching off chasing after her making sure she didn't run into the point of a table (which she did) she started getting tired. Thank God. She wobbled like a drunken sailor until she spotted a place to crash. Shea's private residence. She looked around. Nobody was home. She thought nobody was home. By the end of the weekend they were Facebook friends.

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  1. lol thats so sweet.
    when i was a baby we had a pitbull named roxie, my mom told me that i would always chew on her paw when i was teething and she would just lay there looking at my momma with a "please help me" look on her face.